Case Studies



Southern California was facing a housing crisis. With environmental and “no-growth” activists and homeowner associations blocking new housing on almost every front, homebuilders found it almost impossible to build in the area.

Development opponents monopolized the public debate on housing while the homebuilding industry remained silent, allowing misinformation and distortions to thrive. To change this, the Building Industry Association - LA/Ventura Chapter (BIA/LAV) needed to get in front of housing and home building issues, and have a voice in the discussion in the media and beyond.

The first priority was to revamp the organization’s internal and external communications materials, increase public awareness of the issues important to the development community, and provide overall media relations and crisis communications counsel. Materials development included a revamped website, new media information tools, as well as a designated press center and media kit. In addition, we coordinated media training seminars for BIA leadership and created a systematic process for the dissemination of news (events, news releases, opinion-editorials and presentations).

Activities kicked off with a comprehensive education and awareness campaign titled “Who Will Lead?,” which positioned the BIA/LAV as a credible source for the media and countered inaccurate claims. This helped the organization retake the debate and foster a more positive image of the BIA/LAV and its members. Over time, the chapter continued to speak out on housing and established leadership as key spokespersons on the many issues and challenges facing the industry.

Ultimately, the new materials and media approach proved to be very effective, and generated significant media coverage in local and regional media, including the Los Angeles Times, the LA Business Journal, Daily News, news radio stations KFWB and KCRW, and area broadcast affiliates. Overall, the campaign was successful in changing the debate and sparking discussion about the BIA and its ideas, studies, and vision.

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