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Chic + Curated was preparing to launch its new niche travel start-up ChicGayHoneymoons, the first gay-owned purveyor of bespoke honeymoon and romantic getaway packages for the gay and lesbian community. Given the fact that the nation was focused on the U.S. Supreme Court and their review of two historic LGBT equality cases, Chic + Curated was not quite ready for a high-profile launch. Instead, the campaign strategy was to undertake a soft launch that used the current climate as an opportunity to generate positive media attention and stakeholder interest.

Company founders Tom Stanley and Laurie Wolfe both had extensive experience and credibility within the travel industry. Capitalizing on that, media outreach highlighted the company’s executives as thought leaders, positioning them as the eminent source of information for LGBT travel and trends. This was done with targeted mainstream outlets that were hungry for LGBT-related stories, as well as niche publications specific to the community. Once ChicGayHoneymoons and the corresponding website launched, media outreach intensified and addressed social issues and change, positioning the brand and its chief executives as the reliable, go-to source for LGBT travel and information, and generating interest in the company as a whole.

Ultimately, the outreach propelled ChicGayHoneymoons onto the national stage, not only with LGBT-related media, but with mainstream media and travel industry publications. Strategically capitalizing on the bigger issue generated significant interest in the company in the marketplace and with its key audiences.

Today, ChicGayHoneymoons continues to thrive and still receives client calls and new business opportunities directly related to the earned media coverage secured around the launch.

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