Effective corporate communications is key to ensuring the right messages reach your target audience – whether it be external or internal. Developing messages and information that resonates with stakeholders and influencers can go far toward promoting your brand and objectives

The Musella Group has a proven track record of success in developing and overseeing corporate communications projects and initiatives that align with business goals. This includes strategy development, corporate reputation and issues management, media targeting and outreach, leadership positioning, and spokesperson training. By developing and managing corporate communications for clients, The Musella Group is able to foster collaboration among all branches and individuals to generate positive results.


An effective public affairs program is vital to fostering an environment in which media, government entities, stakeholders, and the community can successfully interact in a timely, accurate, and respectable manner. Working with multiple public entities, government offices, and community groups, The Musella Group has a wide range of public affairs experience, and has been a leading force behind many significant community and government projects. The team strategically researches, forecasts, and evaluates the effects of public policy on an organization; identifies key influencers while maintaining relationships with existing stakeholders; and opens up communication channels with key officials and organizations, all while monitoring government departments.


There is power in numbers. By cultivating and maintaining relationships with clients, local businesses, government groups, and influential community members, The Musella Group strengthens client campaigns through strategic and effective coalition building. Using experience and resources, the team can also increase the impact of coalition’s organization efforts, leadership styles, and resources. This can bring forward a greater and more engaged base of support to your mobilization goals, help you have greater access to a mass audience, and better leverage and influence decision-makers.


Strong, ongoing relationships between an organization and the news media play an important role in telling a story. Effective media outreach and messaging can set the tone for how people talk about your company for years to come. The Musella Group has a strong track record of successfully building relationships with media sources and journalists, while developing messages and materials that will generate the right kind of coverage.

The prevalence of social media also means that audiences are turning to new influencers to help them make decisions and form opinions. Working with both new and traditional media, as appropriate, the team focuses on media opportunities that directly address campaign goals and objectives. This may be done via the creation of news releases, events, interviews, broadcast segments, blogger relations, or other resources.


The 24-hour news cycle has changed. Immediate crisis communications capabilities are now an essential component of all organizations’ public relations plans. The essential goal of crisis communication and litigation support is to organize, analyze, and present materials quickly and succinctly through effective communications. Using established connectivity, accessibility, and ingenuity, The Musella Group successfully manages the crisis communications process, including vulnerability assessment, crisis plan evaluation and development, audience and stakeholder targeting, spokesperson preparation and training, and the development and streamlined distribution of key message points that address the most important issues.

Whether it’s an emergency related to construction, a negative or misleading Internet attack, or an unexpected leadership change, The Musella Group understands what needs to be done to address situations and issues that can have serious impact on a company or its reputation.